Service policy

Time:04-26-2018 15:48
After-sales service process
1, the customer found that the use of the product is not normal, after careful inspection to confirm the product has been damaged, direct contact in the special ZTW Technology Co., Ltd. after-sales service staff (telephone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.)
2, after-sales service to determine whether the operation method.
3, if the after-sales service staff that the product does need to repair, then the customer must fill out the “ZTW electronic product warranty card records”, and then to be repair products, “ZTW electronic product warranty record card”, the original purchase certificate sent to ZTW Technology Co., Ltd.
4, in the special ZW technology Co., Ltd. after receiving the product, the assessment of product damage, if you need to charge, by telephone or email, etc., contact customers, confirmed by the customer and agreed to repair the offer, and then repair processing.
5, in the special ZTW  Technology Co., Ltd. within 7 working days with the original product purchase certificate sent back to the company.
Shenzhen ZTW Technology Co., Ltd. under the warranty requirements to bear the duties and obligations limited to repair or replacement of defective products. In any case shall not be liable for any direct, indirect consequential damages to the purchaser or any third party. Any dispute arising from this warranty shall be based on the laws and regulations of the place where the Company is located.