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ZTW-Beatles Series Air ESC programming card

Air ESC Programming Card for FMS RocHobby and ZTW Beatles Series ESCs – ZTW110000010
Say goodbye to the confusing process of programming your electronic speed controller (ESC) using your radio transmitter. The ZTW Air ESC programming card allows you to quickly and easily adjust the settings on your FMS RocHobby and ZTW Beatles ESCs. Follow the simple instructions below and you will be able the program your ESC in seconds.


Connect the ESC to the motor.
Set the blue jumpers on the programming card for the settings you want (see ESC instructions for details on individual options).
Connect the Signal Wire to the programming card connector marked “ – + P”.
Connect the ESC to the battery pack. For the ESC without a built-in BEC (OPTO) you need to connect the extra power (4.8-6.0V) or UBEC to the connector marked “ – +”.
You should hear one short beep to confirm that your settings are valid and have been stored. If you hear a long beep (about 10 seconds) the settings are invalid and have not been stored. Check you settings and start over.
Disconnect your battery pack and the programming card. Your ESC is now programmed and ready to run.

1. Size: 55.0mm*42.5mm*3.5mm(L*W*H)
2. Weight: 6.5g

ZTW-Beatles Series Air ESC programming card
Barcode #
Input Power Source DC 5.0V~6.0V
Width 43mm
Length 55mm
Height 3.5mm
Weight 7.2g
Upgrade Firmware online (Yes/No) no