Project Description

ztw 1:8 Beast PRO SS 220A Brushless ESC

Product Model 1:8 Beast PRO SS 220A
Model Number 4222032
Type Brushed / Brushless Brushless
High Voltage / Normal Normal
Specifications Continuous Current 220A
Burst Current(10s) 1000A
Battery Cell 6.0V/7.4V Adjustable/8A
BEC output 8-18NC/3-6Lipo
Size Width 40mm
Length 55mm
Hight 34mm
Weight 140g
Wires & Connectors Power Wires 10#AWG,160mm-Red/Black
Motor Wires 5.0 Male 6*22 Gold
Signal Wires (Black/Red/White)30C,300mm/PH1.5 3P to JR3P
Signal Wires2 (Black/Red/White)30C,200mm/PH1.5 3P to JR3P
Switch wire(Black/Red/White)30C,90mm
Motor Wire( random distribution)10#AWG,with 5.0mm Goold Connector,160mm-Black
Power Plug(Yes/No) no
ESC Programing via Transmitter
Jumper Program Card
LED Program Card
LCD Program Card yes
WiFi Program Card yes
USB interface yes
Firmware Firmware Upgrade yes
Section Programmable Item          Programmable Value
General Setting Running Mode Forward/Brake Forward/Brake/Reverse Forward/Reverse
Low Voltage Cutoff Disable Auto(3.0V/Cell) 3.0-11.1V
(step 0.1V)
ESC Overheat Protection 95℃ 105℃ 130℃ Disable
Motor Rotation Normal Reverse
Race Mode Modify Stock
Dead  Band 4%-15%(step 1%)
BEC Output 6.0V 7.4V
Throttle Control IP  Limiter 1-30(step 1)
Throttle Rate 1-30(step 1)
Drive Freq 1K 2K 4K 8K 16K
Rpm Lock 1%-100%(step 1%)
Throttle Curve Linear Custom
Brake Control Initial Brake 1%-20%(step 1%)
Drag Brake 0%-100%(step 1%)
Brake Force 0% 12.5% 25% 37.5% 50% 62.5% 75% 87.5% 100%
I-Brake Response 1-20(step 1)
Brake Rate 1-20(step 1)
Brake Freq 1K 2K 4K 8K 16K
Brake Curve Linear Custom
Timing Boost Boost Timing 0-64°(Step 1°)
Boost Trigger Level 1-50(step 1)
Boost Trigger Rate 1-10(step 1)
Turbo Turbo Timing 0-64°(Step 1°)
Start RPM 8000-50000rpm
(Step 1000)
Turbo Delay Instant 0.05S 0.1S 0.15S 0.2S 0.25S 0.3S 0.35S 0.4S 0.45S 0.5S 0.6S 0.7S 0.8S 0.9S 1.0S
Activation Method Full TH RPM Full TH+RPM
Turbo On Rate 1-10(step 1)
Turbo Off Rate Instant 1-10(step 1)